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Since automation has become a part of lifestyle, we introduce you to the best Automation Company in Kerala, Eye-Rise Automation Private Ltd. Eye Rise specializes in automation and security systems, CCTV camera installation, home automation systems, office automation systems, gate automation, shutter automation, curtain automation, and solar system installation. Eye rise commenced with a strategic vision more than a decade ago with an Eye to simplify human lives by providing services that indicate quality in its methodology of work and service delivery. The firm possesses a compact yet excellent pool of talent that holds within themselves a vast artillery of experience and skill. The human resources that carry out the functions and keep Eye rise moving are distinctively divided in to teams like marketing, sales, services and also a separate division functions for Research and development. The primary focus of Eye rise is narrowed upon aspects like providing automation, security and power saving without compromising on the quality of life. Eye rise, since its inception in 2009 has by now extended itself in to 5 branches and its further expansion efforts are swinging full. Honest and loyal customer service that goes beyond delivery and feedback is the vitality of Eye rise and excellence in the same shall be maintained for time to come.

Automation company in kerala

Automation company in kerala

Eye rise automation seeks to promote stringent steak of services promptly delivered at par with customers’ expectations meeting utmost satisfaction. In possession of a highly talented and qualified service personnel dispensed into technically brilliant teams, Eye rise automation stands distinct in its organizational repute.

The organization structure for service delivery is most effectively maintained with the technical head and the technical advisor at its helm followed by the service head and the senior engineers beneath them. The engineers perform the core of services exceptionally supported by senior and junior technicians.

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Eye rise automation’s flagship project focuses on home automations which extend comforts of security, safety, luxury and energy efficiency to house owners. This function focuses on simplifying life at home and provides a peace of mind to the user when away. Affordability of home automation stands distinguished as one can facilitate a smart home at the mere cost of a smart phone. The services are scalable and extremely user friendly, completely wireless and can be wholly controlled by a single application. To take note is that there shall be no rewiring required as well.

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Eye rise automation with due research and development culminated on a system that extensively supports the farming community. With Eye rise irrigation automation, irrigation becomes a process with less water requirement, non-labour intensity and minimal electricity consumption.The automation is based on mobile phones with wired and wireless valve and sensor connections. The controller for the automation shall be a micro electric device which can be used without much induction.

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Automatic Gates

Gone are those days when gigantic spaces and time would be absorbed just for the sake of functioning of gates. At Eye rise, we facilitate automated gates, both sliding and swinging; weighing between 200kg to 4000kg and 2 metre to 7 metres long respectively. Gates are automated effectively, customized to the end-users’ preferences. Distinct features like integrated security systems, access control systems, GSM module and android applications are also provided along with the automation.

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Eye rise automation provides installations of Boom barriers that range from 4m to 6m. The barriers’ operating temperature range from -40 degree to 55 degree Celsius enhancing their capability to be installed and maintained in various climate zones. The Boom barriers at Eye rise possess a wide operating voltage range between 180v and 240v. The barriers are made with steel sheets of 1.8mm thickness. The reinforced stiffening ribs compressed inside enables the Boom barriers to be highly durable.

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Eye rise automation produces curtains automated to the customer’s need and requirement. The automated curtains work on a touch-control-touch system that makes them attractive for households, businesses and offices alike. The curtains are made in various shapes, sizes and designs enabling the customer to materialize their preferences and imaginations.

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Eye rise sets its eyes on becoming one of the most successful vendors of solar panel systems in India. At times when the world is moving towards a notion where environmental impact and conservation is turning out to be an utmost priority, adopting a system of solar panel shall be the most eco-friendly choice a socially responsible being can make.

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Automation Company in Calicut, Kerala, Home Automation Company in Kerala, gate automation in kerala

Building since 2008

The pathway of work delivery at Eye rise automation is tested and qualified for its efficiency and effectiveness. As the best automation company in Kerala, immediate response is the key. Every service request is initially addressed within a maximum time of 24 hours. The service request can be initiated through our service mobile application or by scanning a QR code. We also have helpline numbers that are promptly accessible during the working hours. Services can be requested through our website as well.

Once the request for service is initiated by the customer, the request is processed through a series of steps like ticket collecting, contacting and site visit. The vital indicator here is that the service request is met and closed within a time frame of 48 hours – except for requests that technically requires more hours of operation.

Eye rise seeks to customize premises at affordable prices blending customers’ imagery with energy efficient methods while ensuring safety, security and comfort to provide the most efficient systems and services that can enhance the quality of life and remain as the best automation company in Kerala.

Eye rise targets to touch lives with the impact of constantly evolving technology that can lead to upgradation of lifestyles and simplification of human efforts.

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Closing in with the most recent technologies and in the quest to be updated as we move along, Eye rise is the only automation company in Kerala that provides QR code service for its customers. The customer can simply scan the QR code given below on their phone which leads them directly to the service ticket register. Once the customer inserts their details in the service ticket register, they are instantly connected to the service coordinator. Eye rise symbolizes excellence with the guarantee that the service request shall be responded to within 24 hours. As a part standing par with customers’ expectations Eye rise promises the service shall be delivered within 48 hours.

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